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Space Math Hero - The best Math Learning App
Posted on March 10, 2016 / Blog

Learn Math the fun way with the app Space Math Hero for iPhone,iPad and Android.

Learn Math App

Starting to receive some great reviews for our new Math Game App: Space Math Hero.
The game is in two parts where one is pure table exercise of the four basic calculations.
Then there is the fun part :) Play the space game and defend the planets against the evil math monsters by counting and charging your laser canon with the right answers to over 6000 problems. Be the Math Hero!

The app is designed for 1 to unlimited number of players where you can set desired difficulty and protect your player account with a PIN (handy in school environments).

Read the following great reviews and download one of the best Math Game Apps for iOS and Android.
Feel free to ask us any questions.

Review by: Teachers With Apps
"Space Math Hero is highly recommended and is a TWA pick because of its clear, short & well-balanced presentation, its ability to teach kids & to evaluate the learning process."

Review by: Geeks With Juniors
"Space Math Hero is a great math drill app that offers interactive exercises for ages 5+. It covers everything from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division. The app supports unlimited user profiles, which means it’s suitable for classrooms. If you have a first grader, I highly recommend you get this app."

Review by: Bridging Apps
"We trialed Space Math Hero with students with ADHD and other learning disabilities. All students loved this math app. This app encourages critical thinking math skills, which students need for higher-level math and real world functionality. The fact that this app does not require an internet connection to play and you could set up unlimited users for free makes Space Math Hero a great addition to any math classroom."

Review by: Appy Mall
"This app does a great job of reviewing math facts and working on speed and memorization while making it fun. It is great for speed work and reviews."


*A small developer note on the privacy question some of the reviews raised.

The game does NOT "collect" the email addresses, or anything else for that matter. The email address is purely used in the game as player separator for multi-user environments and never leaves the app in any form. Once downloaded from the store the app doesn't need/require network connection to work, nor an actual working email address. The math app simply DOESN'T send anything personal or in fact anything at all off the app. Your privacy matters to us!

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